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The fine Art of Hypnosis

Hypnosis – hypnocoaching – hypnotherapy - traumatherapy - traumaresolution- Somatic Experiencing®. Subconscious blocks, anxiety, addictive or quasi-addictive behaviour can make life difficult, particularly if you are suffering from panic attacs, stress, burnout, exam nerves, smoking, lack of self-confidence, chronic pain or insomnia. When you have the feeling that you are your own worst enemy, hypnosis can help you find a solution.


My praxis for Hypnosis is based right in the heart of the city of Basel at 20 Freie Strasse, just a stone’s throw from the Marktplatz.


I look at every individual human being and every situation from a whole-of-life perspective. As a result, each one of my sessions becomes a unique experience.


I work with the classical and modern methods of hypnosis, and also integrate the principles of Somatic Experiencing® according to Dr. Peter A. Levine, especially when coping with stresss, anxiety and trauma.


I also offer to book appointments in the evening after your work as well as on Saturdays.



«The conscious mind thinks -

the subconscious mind directs.»


M. L. Moeller


Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation during which the mind is intensely concentrated on the inner self. It is one of the most effective ways of communicating with our subconscious mind. Wellentrenched patterns can be reshaped, allowing you to profoundly change your behaviour and develop your full potential once again.


Hypnosis aims to alter believes, emotions, attitudes and behaviours in terms of self-fulfillment and well-being.


Through hypnosis we can get down to the root causes of a problem and activate our innermost resources. Hypnosis is solution-oriented and leads to sustainable success. But more importantly, it allows us to let go of the past and to stand in the present. The future is then ours to shape.


The exposure of a hypnotherapeutic treatment does not exclude the consultation of medical or other psychotherapeutic treatments. Hypno-therapy is considered as complimentary to other forms of therapies.


“In Somatic Experiencing®, the traumatic event isn’t what caused the trauma, it is the overwhelmed response to the perceived life threat that is causing an unbalanced nervous system. The SE approach facilitates the completion of self-protective motor responses and the release of thwarted survival energy bound in the body, thus addressing the root cause of trauma symptoms.” (Dr. Peter A. Levine)


Jacqueline Erb

Jacqueline Erb is a certified hypnotherapist (NGH/VSH). She trained with Gabriel Palacios, one of the most highly regarded and successful hypnotists. She is a member of the Association of Swiss Hypnotherapists (VSH) and regularly attends further training courses to hone her skills.


Jacqueline Erb is a trained Somatic Experiencing® (SE™) Practitioner according to Dr. Peter A. Levine, a very effective body oriented method to cope with stress and trauma.


She is also an experienced coach, a mediator and a specialist in communication.


Jacqueline Erb, The fine Art of Hypnosis, Basel

«Jacqueline Erb impresses me because of her enormous capacity for empathy and understanding. She manages to understand and interpret the workings of the subconscious and to guide those who seek her help to focus on essentials. The inspirational manner in which she reads, understands and helps people leaves you with a feeling of security and empowerment.»


Gabriel Palacios

Relax & Enjoy

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The consultation fee amount to CHF 150.– per 60 minutes.


People who receive a disability pension (IV), welfare recipients, students and apprentices pay

CHF 120.– per 60 minutes.


Payment in cash or with card Maestro or Post Finance


In the case of nonappearance or cancellation not prior to 24 h in advance,
I feel impelled to charge the full amount of the agreed session.



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